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Mass Casualty Incident Managment Conference

MCIM New Orleans Conference: "An In-Depth Dialogue on "Altered"/"Crisis" Standards of Care & Surge Capacity"

July 12th and 13th, 2011, Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel, New Orleans, LA

MCIM New Orleans Conference: "An In-Depth Dialogue on "Altered"/"Crisis" Standards of Care & Surge Capacity" will bring together an influential gathering of medical and public health leaders at the federal, state, regional, community, and health systems levels to discuss how to plan and support surge capacity in healthcare systems and develop "crisis" standards of care to meet mass casualty needs during all-hazard and hazard-specific emergencies.

At this two-day conference and workshop, cutting-edge leaders from both public and private will give the audience an in- depth look at the critical issues in developing "crisis" standards of care as well as present new ideas on how to evaluate and enhance surge capacity in a mass casualty incident. This program is an open forum with facilitated discussions that will allow the collaboration and sharing of best practices and challenges needed to better prepare for a mass casualty event.


There are still seats available for this program. 

Conference Only Registration Cost:

Government/NGO, $445

Small Business, $545

Large Business (100+ Employees), $595

Students, $395

Please go to http://www.masscasualtyconference.com/New%20Orleans%20Registration.html to register

Conference with Surge Capacity Workshop Registration Cost:

Government/NGO, $845

Small Business, $945

Large Business (100+ Employees), $995

Students, $795

Please go to http://www.masscasualtyconference.com/New%20Orleans%20Registration+Workshop.html to register


We have discounted rates for IAEM members, LSU affiliates, Boston University affiliates, and American Military University affiliates.  Please call us at 571-312-4063 or email us at sarethn@hsoutlook.com to get the discount codes for these organizations.  If you are not affiliated with these organizations and still need help with the cost of attending the program, please feel free to contact us also.  We will do our best to help you.  FYI, some of our attendees have used the HPP and UASI grants to pay for their participation. 


The conference will be held on July 12th for the full day ending with a networking reception from 4:45PM to 6:00PM.  The conference will end at 2:00PM on July 13th with the Surge Capacity Workshop to run from 2:00PM to 5:00PM.  Please go to http://www.masscasualtyconference.com/New%20Orleans%20Agenda.html to see the full agenda.  For more information on the workshop, please go to http://www.masscasualtyconference.com/workshop.html.

Sample of Confirmed Speakers:

Anna Pou, M.D., Program Director, Resident Education Member, LSU Stanley S. Scott Cancer Center

Jimmy Guidry M.D., State Health Officer/DHH Medical Director, State of Louisiana

Juzar Ali, M.D., Medical Director, LSU Interim Public Hospital

Jeff Elder, M.D., Director/Medical Director, New Orleans Emergency Medical Services

Len Singer, M.D., FACS, Medical Director, Masters in Healthcare Emergency Management, Boston University School of Medicine


A block of rooms has been reserved at the Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel.  To make your reservation, please call the hotel directly at (888) 696-4806.  In order to ensure the discounted rate, you must make your reservations early and ask for the MCIM Meeting Group Rate.  The incredibly low rate we have secured is $98.  Please go to http://www.masscasualtyconference.com/NewOrleans%20location.html to get the full detail on the location and hotel.


Please call Sareth Neak at 571-312-4063 or email at sarethn@hsoutlook.com with any questions or concerns.

W1AW Schedule

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Time Mode Days
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Daily Visitor Operating Hours:

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(Station closed 1700 to 1800 UTC (12 PM to 1 PM EST))

Afternoon/Evening Schedule:

2100 UTC (4 PM EST) CWf Mon, Wed, Fri
2100 " " CWs Tue, Thu
2200 " (5 PM EST) CWb Daily
2300 " (6 PM EST) RTTY Daily
0000 " (7 PM EST) CWs Mon, Wed, Fri
0000 " " CWf Tue, Thu
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CWf = Morse Code practice (fast) = 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, 13 and 10 WPM
CWb = Morse Code Bulletins = 18 WPM

CW frequencies include code practices, Qualifying Runs and CW

RTTY = Teleprinter Bulletins = BAUDOT (45.45 baud) and AMTOR-FEC
(100 Baud). ASCII (110 Baud) is sent only as time allows.

Code practice texts are from QST, and the source of each practice is
given at the beginning of each practice and at the beginning of
alternate speeds.

On Tuesdays and Fridays at 2330 UTC (6:30 PM EST), Keplerian Elements
for active amateur satellites are sent on the regular teleprinter

A DX bulletin replaces or is added to the regular bulletins between
0100 UTC (8 PM EST) Thursdays and 0100 UTC (8 PM EST) Fridays.

In a communications emergency, monitor W1AW for special bulletins as
follows: Voice on the hour, Teleprinter at 15 minutes past the hour,
and CW on the half hour.

All licensed amateurs may operate the station from 1500 UTC to 1700
UTC (10 AM to 12 PM EST), and then from 1800 UTC to 2045 UTC (1 PM
to 3:45 PM EST) Monday through Friday. Be sure to bring your
current FCC amateur radio license or a photocopy.

The W1AW Operating Schedule may also be found on page 100 in the
November 2008 issue of QST or on the web at,
http://www.arrl.org/w1aw.html .

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http://ping.fm/ULa6q Are expectations matching #smem realities? #crisisdata