Friday, October 7, 2011

New Volcanic Ash Module & DL Course from COMET #Skywarn

This announcement contains information about a new module, and below it, information about a new Volcanic Ash Distance Learning Course.

New Module:
The COMET Program is pleased to announce the publication of the fourth and final module in the Volcanic Ash series - Observation Tools and Dispersion Models. This module presents tools and techniques used for identifying and forecasting the transport of volcanic ash and can be completed within an hour.

Information is presented with interactions and review questions, and the module offers a companion print version. The intended audience for the module include forecasters, aviation forecasters, emergency managers, and others interested in the topic of volcanic ash. Please follow this link to start the module:

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NOTE TO NWS and other NOAA EMPLOYEES: This module is available in the Commerce Learning Center @ National Weather Service ( Please access it in that system in order to get credit.

New Course:
This module and the three previously released volcanic ash modules (Volcanic Ash: Introduction, Volcanic Ash: Volcanism, Volcanic Ash: Impacts to Aviation, Climate, Maritime Operations, and Society) have been combined to form the Volcanic Ash Science, Impacts and Forecasting Course. This course is available through the MetEd site at This course is also represented in the Commerce Learning Center @ National Weather Service as a development plan.

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