Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Social Media and responsive government

In what may be the Government's most agressive attempt to engage the Global Citizen, Social Media for Emergency Management initiative has really taken off.

This effort came into play through the leadership of Jeffrey Phillips @LosRanchosEM and a host of others who have and continue to develop tools of the trade, guidance, and education for the growing number of emergency managers using social media.

Tweeting #NSWW, the group helped with breakout sessions at the National Severe Weather Workshop in Norman.

The group is also presented at the National Emergency Management Association conference.

Weekly online training followed by real time drills and exercises, including the efforts of Oklahoma Ice Map shows the utility of the project.

Follow the group, if you want to learn about Social Media in Emergency Management, want to gain new tools, or want to share how you are engaging your residents.

Are you a part of a Virtual Operations Support Team?