Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From http://ping.fm/jrGsX ...

Writing a release for a website article or other Internet news?

Read it in under 2 minutes at most

250 words long is MAX

65-70 characters is max for headline

Get to the point, stay on the point

5th grade reading level

Keep an average < 1.7 syllable words for whole article (Dan Zarella
study of re-Tweeted info)

For Twitter - don't forget a good hashtag

Always include a hyperlink

I would add that, for Twitter, 140 characters is going to be it,
unless you use a service like ping.fm ... and speaking of #Hashtags
... hope you will follow #SMEM ... social media for Emergency
Management ... and especially Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, follow
#NSWW for the National Severe Weather Workshop.