Friday, September 9, 2011

Fwd: Command and Control of Wildland Urban Interace Ops.

Good morning Oklahoma Jurisdictional POCs,

Now that things have quieted down a bit in Oklahoma, I wanted to take
the opportunity to thank each of the responders accross the state,
(Troopers, Police, Volunteer and Professional Fire, EMS, EMs, and any
other) that participated in the Eastern Oklahoma City/County Fire last
week. Watching it first hand, I have to say that each of you did an
incredible and amazing job in each of your roles...whether it was
traffic control, evacuation, emergency medical service, resource
management, or fire suppression. I am extremely proud of the quality
of the service you provided. Personally, I thought it was ashame that
the so much of the news focused on the losses and very little on the
hundreds of homes and lives saved by your aggressive and heroic
efforts. I guess that doesn't make for as good a story. Anyway...
Thanks for your tremendous help...I am proud to serve along side such
great Oklahomans

The National Fire Academy course Command and
Control of Wildland Urban Interface Fire Operations for the Structural
Chief Officer is two day course will be held at the Norman Fire
Department on November 3 and 4. There is no cost to the course.
This is a valuable course for any FD officers who may be in a command
role during a wildland fire where structures are at risk. Space is
limited and registration is taken in order received.

Yours Truly
Pat King
OKOHS NIMS Compliance